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The Nepal Peak climbing is the most popular mountaineering in Nepal each year because of the astonishing peak scenery and the adventurous trekking routes in different parts of Nepal.

The highest Nepal peak Mount Everest is another challenge for the climbers to be done as a Nepal peak climbing, after the success full footstep on the top of the peak by the great climbers Sir Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay Sherpa it has become the most popular among all the peak climbers all over the world to keep the feet on the top of the mount Everest peak which ranges at an altitude of 8848 meter as it is the highest mountain all over the world, the Nepal climbing  is one of the  arduous one  but  instead the slopes in the mountain  rarely go beyond 30 degree it is almost straight forward for the climbers and the challenging one.


Mount Everest is placed at Khumbu area which is south-east part of Nepal mostly the stunning views of the snowcapped mount peaks with its huge landscapes, glaciers, Lakes Rivers and icy ponds and dramatic different summit views. Besides Mount Everest there are many other peaks to be suitable done as the Nepal peak climbing. You can find our Nepal Climbing YouTube video.
The Nepal peak climbing to the peak of the Himalayas include a most amazing journey, travelling to the mountainous path knowing the different peoples and their customs and traditions, the  extraordinary routes  will be the lifetime memory.  After the voyage the climbers will arrive to the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu that is the dwelling place to know the culture and festivals of Nepalese people.

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